How Much Does an Ambulance Cost? (2022) (2023)

How Much Does an Ambulance Cost? (2022) (1)

How funny could it be that the very thing that could save your life could also potentially kill you with its skyrocketing cost afterward?

Yes, I’m talking about that awesome vehicle with a blinking red light with a siren sound and runs as fast as the speed of light. Well, sort of!

After all that’s been said and done and you walked out of the hospital unscathed like nothing happened, you’d feel relieved at having been able to escape a narrow brush with death. But when they handed you the bill, you end up needing another oxygen tank and a blood pressure monitor after seeing the emergency ambulance price.

What gives?

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Average Cost of an Ambulance Ride

Whether the ambulance is government-owned or run by private individuals, there’s no telling exactly how much it is going to charge you as it depends on a lot of factors.

Sometimes, it can be much more expensive than the treatment you received from the emergency room of a hospital where you were brought, to be honest. It is even easy to see someone having been charged $3,000 for a short emergency trip nowadays.

With a life on the line, you wouldn’t really have the luxury of time, much more a choice during these frantic times. You would likely to swallow the bitter pill of having to pay an arm and a leg as long as they could get there in the nick of time and save a life.

But being someone who doesn’t leave everything to chance, it doesn’t hurt to check out some prevailing rates out there.

That being said, we were able to search some service providers which are generous enough to post their current charges.

(Video) The surprising cost of an ambulance ride has the following base rates and loading fees:

Basic Life Support

$ 1,200.00

Basic Life Support

$ 1,300.00

Advanced Life Support 1

$ 1,400.00

Advanced Life Support 1 Emergency

$ 1,500.00

Advanced Life Support 2

$ 1,800.00

Specialty Care Transfer

$ 2,100.00

Meanwhile, their mileage charges (per loaded mile only, no charge for unloaded miles) are the following:

Basic Life Support Mileage


Per Loaded mile

Advance Life Support Mileage


Per Loaded mile

Long Distance Mileage


Per Loaded mile

On the other hand, the ambulance prices/rates for are the following:

Ambulance Services:

Emergency & Non-Emergency Medical Response


Discontinuation of Resuscitation in the Field


Special Event Rate (includes 2 staff members) billed to theorganization requesting standby service:

Rate for first 3 hours


For the fourth and subsequent hours


Long Distance Ambulance Trips:

Winnipeg Base Rate: (includes return trip same day)


Waiting time (per hour)


Excluding Winnipeg:

$162.00/ hour

The Cancellation Fee of $45 will be charged if a trip is canceled after the personnel has been called in to provide the service.

And just how much does government charge for the same services? Here are the base rates of City of Irving in Texas.



Resident 65 & up


Basic Life Support (BLS)




Advanced Life Support (ALS) 1




Advanced Life Support (ALS) 2




What are Included

It’s easy to point out how expensive we think the ambulance charges are not knowing how exactly things are being calculated. Aside from the cost of the vehicle itself and its maintenance, labor and training of the staffs attending the emergency, the equipment that are included and being utilized while attending the same, and the basic supplies that come with the service also play the part.

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And don’t forget the readiness that comes with the service. You wouldn’t want to wait for the service just when you need it the most, right? You want it ready 24/7. So while most of the time it is idle waiting for someone to call for help, all the costs are continuously running like a wild taxi meter.

Additional Costs

The rate you would be quoted by the service provider would typically be the basic cost unless you got yourself an “all-in” service or “fixed rate”, which is very rare.

That being said, we have gathered some other costs that you might be seeing on your bill.

  • Medical supplies – these would be the foremost extra expenses you would likely see; the cost of the oxygen if you’re having a difficulty in breathing, gauze, and solutions if you are bleeding, neck brace if you have an injury, among others.
  • Expertise of the staff – You also need to consider additional charges depending on what type of emergency response personnel is inside the vehicle. If a critical care nurse, a respiratory therapist, or any other type of specialized care is required, then prepare to pay more for these.
  • Additional mileage – every ambulance has a standard route mileage. So if the patient would ever be transported to a distant hospital due to the nature of the condition, then prepare to pay a much higher fee.
  • Additional trips – there are cases where a patient won’t be admitted in the first hospital it was brought to and would be needing transfer to another healthcare facility which is more capable in handling a specific condition. This naturally calls for additional charge due to the additional effort and cost.

There are also some things you might want to consider having at home that could help you either identify emergency case from not or just something to treat yourself or a patient. These items may not necessarily save your life but can potentially give you more time to prepare yourself before the much-needed help gets to you.

  • First aid kits – There are available first aid kits at Amazon which you could store in your medicine cabinet so that you could attend to your needs or that of someone you love when the need arises.
  • Blood pressure monitor – if you suspect having a heart issue, a wrist monitor with heart rate which can be purchased at Amazon might come in handy.
  • Oxygen – it never hurts to have some of this at home especially if you or your family members have a history of breathing difficulty for whatever reason.

Factors Affecting Ambulance Price

To better understand what makes ambulance rates so irritably high, we have listed down the most common cost factors of the service.

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  • EMT or paramedics – you think all ambulance staffs are the same; a driver and those attending to the patient. Little did you know that the expertise or specialization of the personnel have a big impact on what you are going to see on your bill.
  • Location – as we keep on saying, your location would almost always factor in the cost of everything. How cheap or expensive it is to maintain a business in your area would largely appear on your healthcare cost. And that includes the ambulance service.
  • Public or private – whether the ambulance is a privately-owned or government-run, you won’t even notice in the service but most probably in the figures on the bill. Government-owned is likely to be cheaper.
  • Insurance – emergency cases are naturally covered by insurance whether fully or partially, which depends on your coverage. So the best thing to do is to talk to your insurance provider about emergency service so that you would know what to expect and not get the shock of your life.

Another problem arises during the settlement where you are likely be struggling to justify whether your case really did call for emergency services or not. So good luck to that!

  • Case – the type of medical response applied to every patient depends on the type of illness he or she is having and the level of threat to life. Not only does it have to do with the type of expertise of the staff accompanying the patient but also the type of medical supplies and equipment that will be used.
  • Distance – most ambulance rates have base rates that are limited to the number of miles that the vehicle has to run. The farther the destination, the higher the bill will be.
  • Type of service – the type of charges would also depend on whether it’s an emergency response or a standby service in an important event.
  • Mode of payment – like most of the medical services around the country, ambulance service also give discounts to non-insured patients paying in cash within a specified period of time.

Additional Information

The logic is very simple, it is very costly to maintain a business like an ambulance service and the collection rate is also typically low. So we cannot really blame the business owners if they charge seemingly ridiculous amount.

In all honesty, if we would start digging to the very core of what makes the service as expensive as it is, we may never hear the end of it anytime soon.

One food for thought though – when life is on the line, or at least you think it is, call an ambulance without having to think about the potential bill. After all, your life or that of a loved one is more important above anything else.

As long as the service, no matter how painful it is on the pocket, as long as it can give us a good fighting chance at avoiding an early trip to heaven or hell, I think we’ll be just fine.

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Do you pay for ambulance in USA? ›

They care about treating patients and getting folks to the proper hospitals. Whether the ambulances are for-profit, non-profit, or publically owned, they're all going to send you a bill.

Why are ambulance calls so expensive? ›

Why are ambulance rides so expensive? Ambulance companies cite the costs of round-the-clock staffing, limited insurance reimbursements, and expensive inventory as reasons for high consumer bills. Ambulances provide everything necessary to save your life in an emergency and stabilize you on the way to a hospital ER.

What is the most expensive ambulance? ›

There are a total of only seven Lykan HyperSport units in the world and cost at about 26 crores for one. The car is capable of accelerating from a standstill to a 100 kilometres per hour in just 2.8 seconds and has a claimed top speed of 400 kilometres per hour.

How much does ambulance cost NYC? ›

Costs for advanced life support emergency transports, which require more highly-trained paramedics, could see similar increases. The last price increase was in 2021, when the price for an ambulance ride ticked up 16% from $775 to $900.

What does an ambulance ride cost? ›

Bottom Line. The average cost of ambulance services is around $1200. Still, the final cost can depend on many factors, such as the severity of care provided, mileage, the number of ambulance staff treating you, and the type of supplies used.

Is emergency free in USA? ›

Going to the Hospital without Insurance

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), a federal law passed in 1986, requires anyone coming to a hospital emergency room to be stabilized and treated, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

Is it better to call an ambulance or drive? ›

In urgent medical situations it is most important that you ring Triple Zero (000) and ask for AMBULANCE. Do not panic or drive to hospital yourself.

What should you not call for an ambulance? ›

Call 995 For Emergencies Only

You can make a difference between life and death by knowing what is an emergency. For life-threatening cases such as cardiac arrest, active seizures, breathlessness, major traumas and stroke, call 995.

How many calls do ambulance get a day? ›

Crews go to more than 3000 emergencies a day and handle over two million 999 calls a year.

What is the fastest ambulance car? ›

seconds and reach a top speed of 400kph, powered by its twin-turbocharged 780-horsepower Porsche engine. The world's fastest ambulance has set a Guinness world record. Owned by Dubai Ambulance Corporation, the Lykan HyperSport is manufactured in the UAE by W Motors and was unveiled at Expo 2020 Dubai in January.

What is the top speed of an ambulance? ›

The fastest first responder ambulance vehicle in service is The Hypersport Responder with a speed of 395 km/h (245.4 mph) and was achieved by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (UAE) in Dubai, UAE on 29 January 2022.

How much is an ambulance ride in Texas? ›

(5) A fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per mile shall be charged for the transportation by emergency ambulance of a person to a hospital.
Sec. 5-02. - Emergency service generally.
Basic Life Support (BLS)$750
Advanced Life Support (ALS) 1$850
Advanced Life Support (ALS) 2$950

How much is 911 call? ›

It's a free call. You can use any kind of phone: push button, rotary, cellular/wireless, cordless, or pay phone. (With some pay phones, you may need coins to get a dial tone; with many wireless phones, Enhanced 9-1-1 does not yet work.)

How much do ambulance drivers make in NYC? ›

How much does an Ambulance Driver make in New York, NY? The average Ambulance Driver salary in New York, NY is $39,821 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $38,274 and $43,895.

Does NY Medicaid cover ambulance? ›

Trips are arranged at the most medically appropriate, cost-effect level of service. These include public transit, taxi/livery, ambulette, ambulance (ALS/BLS), and personal vehicle mileage reimbursement.

How much does 1777 ambulance cost? ›

Is ambulance free in Singapore? If you are facing an emergency, the SCDF emergency ambulance that conveys you to a hospital will be free. However, for non-emergency cases, SCDF charges $274. For non-emergency ambulances in Singapore, you can call 1777.

How much does an ambulance cost in Los Angeles? ›

The rate for a private ambulance response for a call with basic equipment and personnel is now $1,305, and a response to a call requiring a paramedic ambulance is $1,852.

How much does an ambulance weigh? ›

Weight Guides

Type I ambulance – 10,001 to 14,000 pounds. Type I AD (additional duty) ambulance – 14,001 pounds or more. Type II ambulance – 9,201 to 10,000 pounds.

How much is an ER visit in America? ›

The short answer is a lot. A single ER visit cost $1,150 on average in 2020. Emergency Room visits by those who were uninsured cost almost $1,500 on average. Visits by people under 65 who had private commercial insurance had an average cost of $1,682.

Why is emergency so expensive? ›

Emergency centers are much more expensive than urgent care services because the resources are sparse and intended to only be used for serious, life-threatening issues.

How much is an ER trip in America? ›

In the United States, an emergency room visit costs $2,200 on average, according to the most prominent insurance carrier in the U.S., UnitedHealthcare.

What do you say to get seen faster in an emergency room? ›

As your friend did, you can always try to drop a big name, like say you're friends with the president of the hospital. In general, if they think you're a VIP (even if you're not), you'll definitely get seen more quickly. ...

Do you get seen quicker by ambulance? ›

“Going in to hospital by ambulance always means being seen quicker in A&E”

How long is acceptable to wait for an ambulance? ›

We aim to be with the patient within 15 minutes of the time specified by the GP. Similarly, if your assessment requires an emergency response, make this clear to the call operator. Our non-emergency transport teams provide basic care including oxygen and Entonox.

What is the most common call for ambulance? ›

1. Traumatic Injury – 21.4% – Sudden and severe injuries that develop as a result of acute force are classified as traumatic injuries.

What do paramedics do when no calls? ›

When paramedics are not on call and are off-duty, they live regular lives much like any medical professional. While on-duty but not responding to emergencies, paramedics may be responsible for filling out paperwork about the emergencies they handled, restocking the ambulance, and ordering supplies.

What do you say when you call an ambulance? ›

By clearly stating your location (or a solid address if possible), emergency/what kind of emergency responder you need, and your phone number, the 911 operator can dispatch emergency responders to your location or call you back if the call drops. You might say, “I need an ambulance.

What are the 3 types of ambulances? ›

There are three main sizes of ambulance vehicles: Type I, Type II, and Type III. Type I and III ambulances both have a square patient compartment mounted onto a chassis. The main difference between these two types is that Type I ambulances are mounted onto a truck chassis with a cab layout similar to a pickup truck.

What is a Category 3 ambulance? ›

A serious condition, such as stroke or chest pain, which may require rapid assessment and/or urgent transport. 40 minutes. Category 3. An urgent problem, such as an uncomplicated diabetic issue, which requires treatment and transport to an acute setting.

What is code purple for ambulance? ›

All calls are triaged into the following categories: Purple: Our most critically ill patients. This is where a patient is identified as having a 10% or more chance of having a cardiac arrest. The actual cardiac arrest rate across this category is approximately 53%.

Can ambulances go past the speed limit? ›

What is the speed limit for an ambulance? An ambulance has to obey the same traffic laws (including speed limits) as other vehicles unless it is an emergency situation. In an emergency an ambulance gets dispensation from obeying certain traffic laws including the speed limit.

What car broke the 300 mph? ›

In August 2019, Bugatti topped the formerly reigning Hennessey Venom F5. Not only that, but the Chiron Super Sport 300+ also became the first car to break 300 miles per hour on the track. The final record was 304.773 mph with racing driver Andy Wallace at the wheel on Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany.

What is the longest ambulance ride? ›

Longest ambulance ride with a patient: The record for the longest ambulance ride with a patient is 2,373 miles, achieved by Ambulix Fire and Rescue in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 312 Diesel ambulance between Aug.

Why are ambulance waits so long? ›

If demand increases (for example, there are more incidents requiring an ambulance), or capacity reduces (for example, because there is a shortage of crews) the average wait for an ambulance will be longer.

How loud is an ambulance? ›

Many estimates peg the noise level of a typical ambulance siren in the neighborhood of 120–130 decibels (dB). Exposure at these levels without hearing protection, even for a brief period, can cause permanent hearing damage.

Can you drive through a red light if an ambulance is behind you? ›

The ambulance crew are trained to negotiate traffic and may look to use the bus lane to pass, and you could get in their way or even get a ticket. Do not go through a red light to try to get out of the way as you may commit an offence. If it is safe to pass the ambulance will do so.

How much does an ambulance cost Houston Texas? ›

Houston City Council approved a $13.00-per-mile fee for ambulance service on top of the base charges already in place. It's the city's attempt to soften the financial blow it takes from people who can't afford to pay for the service.

How much do ambulance drivers make in Texas? ›

Ambulance Driver Salary in Texas
25th Percentile Ambulance Driver Salary$31,913TX
50th Percentile Ambulance Driver Salary$33,202TX
75th Percentile Ambulance Driver Salary$36,598TX
90th Percentile Ambulance Driver Salary$39,691TX
1 more row

Do you have to stop for an ambulance in Texas? ›

This law requires drivers to move over a lane or slow to 20 mph below the posted speed limit when approaching emergency vehicles, law enforcement, tow trucks, utility service vehicles, TxDOT vehicles or other highway construction or maintenance vehicles using visual signals or flashing lights activated on the roadside.

Can I text 911? ›

Text-to-911 is the ability to send a text message to reach 911 emergency call takers from your mobile phone or device. However, because voice calls to 911 provide more information to 911 call centers, you should always make a voice call to 911 during an emergency whenever possible.

Is it free to text 911? ›

You should always call 911 if you can and text 911 only if you can't. Text-to-911 is beneficial to the Deaf, people with hearing loss or speech disabilities, and those who can't safely call 911. Text-to-911 is free, works through short message service (SMS) with cellular carriers, and requires a text or data plan.

Can you get fined for accidentally calling 911? ›

Everyone makes mistakes, and there is no penalty to accidentally calling 911. The Communications Dispatcher will want to verify your name and address, and ensure that there is not a real emergency. If you do hang up, they will call you back to confirm that you are safe.

How much do ER doctors make NYC? ›

How much does a Physician - Emergency Room make in New York? The average Physician - Emergency Room salary in New York is $384,013 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $325,128 and $431,171.

How much do 911 operators make an hour in New York? ›

How much does a 911 Dispatcher make in New York? As of Feb 13, 2023, the average annual pay for a 911 Dispatcher in New York is $44,583 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $21.43 an hour. This is the equivalent of $857/week or $3,715/month.

How much do top paramedics make? ›

How Much Does a Paramedic Make? Paramedics made a median salary of $46,770 in 2021. The best-paid 25% made $58,810 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $37,120.

How much is an ambulance in NY? ›

The last increase was in 2021. Back then, the price for an ambulance ride ticked up 16% from $775 to $900. The fire department's ambulance service — which costs roughly $600 million per year — handles about 70% of the city's hospital transports.

Do you have to pay for ambulance in NYC? ›

There is a cost associated for FDNY ambulance transport based on type of services rendered.

Who qualifies for emergency Medicaid in NY? ›

To qualify, you must: Meet income requirements (have low-income). Be a NYS resident (temporary lawful residents do not have to meet the State residency requirement). All hospitals must treat you if you have a medical emergency, regardless of your ability to pay.

Should you call an ambulance in America? ›

Here's when to call an ambulance, according to guidelines from the American College of Emergency Physicians: The person's condition appears life-threatening. The person's condition could worsen and become life-threatening on the way to the hospital. Moving the person could cause further harm or injury.

How much is an ambulance ride in Illinois? ›

Service Fees

Mileage: $16.00 per mile. Advanced Life Support I and II: $3,717.40 plus mileage.

How much is an ambulance ride in Michigan? ›

Ambulance Transport Fees Pursuant to City Ordinance 3.04.250, Effective Feb. 1, 2022
CodeDescriptionNon-Resident Amount
A0426ALS Non-Emergency$575
A0427ALS Emergency$740
A0428BLS Non-Emergency$415
A0429BLS Emergency$585
6 more rows

Is it faster to call an ambulance or drive? ›

Calling 911 Can Mean Quicker Care.

If your loved one arrives at the emergency room by ambulance, he's more likely to get medical attention sooner than if you drive, says the American College of Emergency Physicians. That's because emergency care is based on how severe the person is. It's not first come, first served.

Is it better to go to ER or call an ambulance? ›

Always call an ambulance if the casualty is an elderly person, baby or very young child and you are seriously concerned. Moreover, note that children can often mask serious symptoms and their condition can then quickly deteriorate. The decision you make will vary from case to case.

Does Texas Medicaid cover ambulance? ›

Services, Benefits, Limitations, and Prior Authorization

Emergency and nonemergency ambulance transport services are a benefit of Texas Medicaid when the client meets the definition of emergency medical condition or meets the requirements for nonemer- gency transport.

How much do ambulance drivers make in Illinois? ›

How much does an Ambulance Driver make in Illinois? The average Ambulance Driver salary in Illinois is $34,805 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $33,453 and $38,366.

How much is it to call ambulance in Chicago? ›

Basic life support: $900. Advanced Life support: $1050 – $1200.

Do you have to pull over for an ambulance in Illinois? ›

When being approached by an emergency vehicle using audible and visual signals (lights and/or sirens), Illinois law requires motorists to immediately pull to the right side of the road and allow the emergency vehicle to pass. In some cases a complete stop may be necessary to allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

Does Michigan Medicaid cover ambulance? ›

Michigan Medicaid Overview

Free transportation services, including ambulance and other emergency medical transportation, are covered benefits for Michigan Medicaid.

How much is a ambulance ride in Detroit? ›

The patient is most often whisked by ambulance to the emergency room. The ambulance bill is typically at least $500.

How much does an ambulance cost in MD? ›

The fees are $700 or $750 per transport, depending upon the level of care required.


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